Discount on Get A Grip - Tennis Grips

Active Away members can access a 20% discount on the coolest grips around! Get A Grip today!
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Discount on Get A Grip - Tennis Grips

We absolutely love Get A Grip! They certainly do jazz your racket up. Choose your own grip today to really spice up your tennis racket!

  • Overgrips to go over top of the racket handle for additional comfort, feel & style
  • GAGC creates On-Court essentials with retro designs. Customers can express themselves in court.
  • Non-Slip hold for control, effective sweat absorption to keep hands dry, easy to wrap onto the racket.
  • GAGC also offers dampeners and socks, and customers can get a matching set of overgrips / dampeners / socks.
  • Suitable for all racket sports (tennis, padel, pickleball, badminton, squash)
  • The perfect tennis gift for Christmas. Customers can build their own bundles, choose their favourite designs.
  • Free UK shipping on orders over £20
  • Princess Catherine rocked GAGC at Wimbledon with Federer this summer.
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