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Welcome to your referral hub! Here you can view your unique referral links to earn commission from booking our events.

2024 Launch
Our biggest marketing campaign of the year! Use your referral link below to earn commission on new customer bookings.
2024 Final Call
Coming in November 2023.
How does it work?
  • Grab your unique referral link for the current marketing campaign.
  • Share this link with anyone who you think may be interested in booking. You can do this via Email/WhatsApp/Text.
  • Once they sign up, they will appear in ‘your referrals’ below.
    • (They must sign up from your exact link).
  • If they book it will appear in ‘your conversions’ below.

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Your Conversions

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  • Earn £50pp commission each person that books a 1 week Tennis Holiday (must be a tennis player).
  • Earn a 5% commission for each person that books a UK Tennis Clinic.
  • To earn commission, all customers must be new customers. Meaning they don’t previously exist in our database. 
  • Payments will be made twice per year.
    • For events from November – June: Payment will be in July.
    • For events from July – October: Payment will be in October.
  • If you are a client, the payment will be deductions from your holiday.
  • If you are a coach/referral partner, the payment will be via invoice/bank transfer.
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